I’d like to share a bit about my husband David, founder and roaster of Rad Dad Coffee. David has always been someone with a lot of ideas, a crazy imagination and a true “Jack of all trades, master of none", except for roasting coffee of course. He enjoys hiking, mountain biking, reading, working out, collecting comic books with our oldest son and he even raises chickens, rabbits, and turkeys! ... the list of interests is endless. When David sets his mind to something, he dives in head first! There's always something new brewing in our life whether it be a new pet snake, training for Spartan runs or starting a new home project. You can imagine that life with two young boys keeps us both on our toes! 

    When David and I first started dating we would go to diners and talk over a cup of coffee and a slice of pie. He always did the talking so that meant more pie for me! Over the years, grabbing a cup of coffee became a great way to slow down, relax and connect with people most important to us. Coffee has a way of bringing people together to enjoy each other's company. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work at Rad Dad Coffee. David has always been a social person; I think it is the reason why he was such a successful police officer. He left a career in law-enforcement after 10 years of dedicated service with the intention of pursuing a work life balance that allows him to continue to be a wonderful father and follow his dream of opening up his own coffee roasting house in Tucson, AZ. 


   This is all where the name Rad Dad originated. David has a way of making chicken farming, attending RCIA, realtor school  or building Legos with the boys seem like the next cool thing. His enthusiasm, charisma, and personality are something you want to be around. Coffee roasting fills this man with so much joy! He's like a kid on Christmas when he gets new beans or accomplishes a flavor profile with a new roast. I'm so proud to share that David is professionally trained in roasting and is passionate about creating great coffee the way it's intended to be. His mission is to share unique flavors of different bean origins and to best extract those flavors and aromas through roasting and preparation. He strongly believes this work will lead him to his dream of  becoming a leading local roaster.


   David has come a LONG way and is truly excited to introduce you to excellent coffee! We look forward to sharing our creative roasts! - Heather


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